The Digital Interaction Night was born to create connections, not only between two worlds that are opposite by nature but that are becoming a standard blend across this decade, but also between people.

A meeting between professionals from all sectors, fans of the digital world and culture, friends, the community of the TSHCollab of Florence, passers-by and anyone who is open to new fantastic stories and people. This event is a presentation of Stride, which is us, but it will not be the usual company presentation. We have created for you not one but many immersive and interactive experiences through music, projections, 3D animations and much more. Find out more below Immagine rimossa.

Everyone is very welcome at #DigitalInteractionNight!
In addition, having a drink Immagine rimossa. with friends is an excellent cure for those who have just suffered the trauma of returning to work.

Other great reasons to come to our event:
Immagine rimossa. we give super cute gadgets to stick wherever you want
Immagine rimossa. other very nice gadgets will be on sale
Immagine rimossa. cool projections you will fall in love with

More info on technologies and projections:
Immagine rimossa. Video mapping experience throughout the duration of the event Immagine rimossa. 3D models that change shape with lights and colors
Immagine rimossa. Immersive experience via Kinect Immagine rimossa. infrared camera and depth reader that captures human figures passing in front of the camera.
Immagine rimossa. More…?

We are curious to know you and your stories, are you curious to know us?
We look forward to seeing you Immagine rimossa. on 8 September in the inner courtyard of the Student Hotel in Florence from 20:00.
Free admission, no reservation required, dress code as you wish.

Immagine rimossa. Mandatory Green Pass


Immagine rimossa. 20:00-22:00 Immagine rimossa. set up, meet & greet
Immagine rimossa. 22:00-23:30 Immagine rimossa. music and interactive projections
Immagine rimossa. 23:30-00:00 Immagine rimossa. closing

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