25 January Selection Day - CALLforFASHION: here are the winning startups!

Streetwear that talks about electronic sports, semi-permanent nail polish connected to the network, the vegan alternative, with oranges and cacti, to animal skin, sneakers with food waste, artisanal fashion tech that promotes the ethics of consumption. These are the 5 innovative winning ideas of the 'Call for Fashion' of the Florentine incubator, Murate Idea Park.

During the Selection Day yesterday afternoon, among the 17 startups preselected by the MIP and sector mentors, BEATHS, BLOCKVISION, LEB, OHOSKIN, ID.EIGHT, were chosen as the best and will be included in the path specially designed by Murate Idea Park, business incubator project of the School of Business Sciences and Industrial Technologies “Piero Baldesi”, which launched the call in partnership with CNA Firenze and BusinessAngels.Network.

Here are in more detail the winning ideas of the tender that wants to relaunch the fashion sector.

BEATHS is a streetwear brand that speaks to the new generations by giving an identity to the world of esports, gaming and digital entertainment through products that follow the real needs of this industry and through the creation of the first technical garments for pro-gamers in the world.

BLOCKVISION is a project focused on the Fashiontech world, with a focus on “Made in Italy” and artisan productions. Thanks to blockchain technology, the startup promotes a change in the relationship between consumer and seller and a more conscious and authentic consumer ethic.

LEB. With LEB comes the first semi-permanent nail polish connected to the network, no longer in a bottle but in a tube. A handbag system complete with elegant UV and with reduced environmental impact. The biotech formulation of the enamel avoids the onset of onychomycosis.

OHOSKIN is the made in Italy, vegan and sustainable alternative to animal skin made with oranges and cacti.

Finally, ID.EIGHT is the startup founded by Dong Seon Lee, a South Korean designer, and Giuliana Borzillo, an Italian product manager, who together developed and marketed the brand of sustainable, cruelty-free sneakers made from waste from the food industry.

Over the course of a year, these five start-ups will be able to prototype their product and arrive at a first market validation. In addition to this, each winning team receives 5,000 euros for the purchase of services, supplies and consultancy. Murate Idea Park offers hospitality in coworking spaces, support and consultancy for the whole year for a value of 20,000 euros.