21 May CALLforFASHION: here are the preselected projects!

Here we are, the long awaited moment has arrived!

We are pleased to inform you that the CallforFashion 2021 path has started. CallforFashion is an initiative of MIP, with main partners BAN Firenze and CNA Firenze, aimed at rewarding innovative ideas for the relaunch of the fashion sector.

In fact, 5 projects will be awarded as the best startups in the sector to be included in the incubation path of MIP.

The first phase of the Call has therefore just ended, with an extraordinary number of applications arriving at MIP and moving on to the analysis and selection process carried out by Mip mentors and sector mentors.

With the second phase we can finally communicate the names of the 17 startups that have been pre-selected and that will enter a pre-incubation path for training and cognitive purposes.

The projects will be supported by mentors, experts and partners for the development of their business idea. 17 startups, 17 innovative ideas, of which 10 from the Tuscan landscape and 7 that extend MIP's CallforFashion to the entire national territory. Here are the selected projects: at the end of the pre-incubation process, in June, the 5 winners will be announced who, starting from the Selection Day, will enter the third phase of CallforFashion. In fact, a one-year process will begin for them for the realization of the prototype of the product / service offered and for a first market validation. In addition to this, each winning team will receive € 5,000 for the purchase of services, supplies and consultancy. Finally, MIP will offer them hospitality in its coworking spaces, support and consultancy for the whole year for a value of € 20,000. We therefore wish here a big good luck to the 17 startups that will undertake this challenge today, with the awareness that, beyond the victory, the training course will provide unique and important opportunities to all the selected teams.

Here are the 17 pre-selected projects of CALLforFASHION MIP & BAN & CNA:


Appcycled is the first digital platform that highlights the creative and sustainable work of designers to reduce waste produced by the fashion industry, with the mission of simplifying the upcycle process. A Marketplace where you can find unique, fashionable and above all sustainable garments!


BEATHS is the streetwear brand that speaks to the new generations by giving an identity to the world of esports, gaming and digital entertainment through products that follow the real needs of this industry and through the creation of the first technical garments for pro-gamers in the world. We do all this by being born from the heart of export and communicating on the same frequencies as our audience.



BLOCKvision is an ambitious project focused on the Fashiontech world, with a focus on “Made in Italy” and artisan productions. Thanks to blockchain technology, the startup promotes a change in the relationship between consumer and seller and a more conscious and authentic consumer ethic.


4.CLIPCLAPPERS Clipclappers is the first sustainable and customizable children's fashion brand that combines ethics, fashion and play. Clipclappers offers interactive junior clothing which, through functional and playful accessories, becomes a game itself.

5.CLOTHEST* Clothest* is the no pro fi t ecommerce platform for high fashion second-hand clothes and accessories. Promoter of Circular Fashion, Clothest * collects and sells used clothes of luxury brands to finance the assistance projects of the Caritas Family Home in Montevarchi which helps about 200 people a year, with hospitality for 40 people, mixed between stationary and temporary residences.


Dadsit is a service agency with the aim of helping emerging brands and designers in the development and communication of collections. Aware of the often prohibitive demands of the current market, our focus is to allow emerging realities to enter an elite market, through a path that aims to develop the collections, and increase their visibility through PR services and showrooms, to put creatives at the service of stylists, art directors, magazines and celebrities. The ultimate goal is to allow them to sell their products in a sustainable manner, both from a sales and production point of view, through e-commerce under construction.

7.E-WARDROBE It is an app compatible with iPhone and Android born from the study path of the founder, in which he developed an innovative idea and the related virtual prototype of the app useful to everyone in everyday life, which blends fashion with artificial intelligence and armocromia, a very popular topic at the moment.

8.FATAMADRINA It is a digital solution that wants to ride the current trends relating to sustainability, the enhancement of one's figure and bodypositivity. Thanks to a neural network, FATAMADRINA analyzes the photos of clothing products on e-commerce and classifies them by color season and body shape, helping the user to make an informed purchase and reducing the cost of returning goods for e-commerce.


HUG is a pendant equipped with an Arduino-like system inside, which aims to connect people less accustomed to technology or unable to use it, with loved ones. It serves to deceive the physical and psychological distance to feel less alone.


10.ID LAB/ID.EIGHT ID LAB is the innovative Start Up founded by Dong Seon Lee, South Korean designer, and Giuliana Borzillo, Italian product manager, who together developed and marketed the brand of sustainable, cruelty-free sneakers made from waste from the food industry ID.EIGHT



With LEB comes the first semi-permanent nail polish connected to the network, no longer in a bottle but in a tube. A handbag system complete with elegant UV and with reduced environmental impact. In addition, the biotech formulation allows you to avoid the onset of onychomycosis, simply by wearing the enamel. As practical as a lipstick.



“Lilja Gioielli Firenze” a combination of craftsmanship and 3D technology, 3D Printer and AR up to e-commerce. Customization, via product configurator in a web application and smartphone application, allows you to create the object and virtually "wear it".


13.MY KIND My Kind was born with the aim of revolutionizing the current market for women's underwear. Our aim is to offer inclusive, sustainable and innovative lingerie. The concept of innovation is the basis of our research and is combined with the correct use of technologies and applications aimed at developing what for us represents the word future.


14.OHOSKIN Ohoskin is the made in Italy, vegan and sustainable alternative to animal skin made with oranges and cacti. In addition to saving animals and not polluting, it creates a circular economy process; for a more just luxury for animals, the land and people.

15.WETHIC LAB Wethic Lab is a sustainable and ethical fashion brand that aims to produce low-impact, tailored, customizable and limited editions clothing. The products will be made by upgrading materials (fabrics and accessories) considered waste and favoring the employment of people with frailty.

16.ZAITUNA, a waste becomes a resource Zaituna is innovation that enters the world of sustainable fabrics: a project strongly linked to the territory which transforms vegetable waste into resources to be used in the textile field. Circular economy, tradition e innovation are the elements that coexist and animate the project throughout its development.


17.ZOOM BAGS, Just Essential

Italian luggage brand born from the development of two patents that produces travel items made from partly recycled materials, designed for the contemporary traveler: essential in style, functional in use, innovative in solutions. Items that reduce their overall volume when stored, both in the home and during the production, transport and storage process.