31 May Innovation: the signatories of the memorandum of understanding meet

Network among all those operating in the field of innovation, further enhancing the www.makenextinflorence.org portal, the digital platform created a year ago to discover the opportunities offered by Florence to anyone who wants to launch and affirm on the market a innovative business idea. This is what was discussed during the week in the Chamber of Commerce in Florence on the occasion of the 'Coordination table of the Florentine innovation ecosystem'. The meeting was attended by the president of the Florence Chamber of Commerce Leonardo Bassilichi and the councilors of Palazzo Vecchio Cecilia Del Re and Federico Gianassi. During the morning there was also talk of internationalization, of comparison with other European experiences and the progress of the 'Speed ​​up' project (whose leader is the Municipality of Florence) was analyzed to activate a series of exchanges between startups that operate in Florence and those of the European partner countries.

For more info: https://www.ansa.it/pmi/notizie/unioncamere/2020/07/28/imprese-asse-comune-firenze-camera-commercio-su-innovazione_fd3fe72b-9aee-4c93-9921-9859cf290023.html