22 March StartupItalia Open Summit Summer Edition

Just a few hours to go before the new edition of SIOS20 Summer Editionpowered by Innois. There are many new features that characterize this unedited entirely digital version. The most obvious is that we will not limit ourselves to a single day, in fact there will be three days in which the various workshops will be held from 10 to 13 and then in the afternoon. Giampaolo Colletti, the # SIOS20 curator, illustrated here the reasons for the title he chose for this edition: Unbreakable Generation. "We are all experiencing a suspended and accelerated time, a surreal and over the top time, an" unheard of "time: this is exactly what the New York Times defined it, telling how work and everyday life are rethinking in a new necessary normality. We will all end up in the history books, but before this happens we must write our history day after day. So the trump card is represented by the Unbreakables, a generation of innovators who do not give up and who try to quickly redefine their way of living, working and relating with the community ". There are really many speakers, panels and different topics that will be addressed in the three days.

Discover them here: https://startupitalia.eu/134453-20200717-startupitalia-open-summit-summer-edition-3-giorni-live-almeno-19-motivi-esserci