10 June STARTUP COMMUNITY, Tuesday 23 July event on artificial intelligence in the MIP spaces

What is artificial intelligence really? What is it for? How can it be used to build a business and what are its limits? These and other questions will be answered by the experts of Startup Grind Florence, who on Tuesday 23 July, at 6.00 pm, organized a workshop entirely dedicated to this topic. When we talk about artificial intelligence, in fact, we immediately think of cutting-edge technologies, machines capable of understanding and deciding what to do and a futuristic world in which robots and men live together. In reality, artificial intelligence and its use are much more real than we can imagine and are now used in different areas of everyday life. In technical terms, Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that allows the programming and design of both hardware and software systems that allow machines to be equipped with certain characteristics, which are typically considered human, such as, for example, visual perceptions, space-time and decision-making. The event, entitled "Artificial Intelligence - What is it really?", Will take place inside the spaces of Murate Idea Park, in Piazza Madonna della Neve, 8 and will be attended by experts of the sector including Piero Poccianti, president of the Italian Association of Artificial Intelligence and, in video linking, Darya Majidi, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and author of the book "Donne 4.0". Darya has founded and developed some innovative startups in the ICT sector, such as Synapsis and Dcare for software development to computerize and optimize clinical and health processes. The event will end at 9pm. For more information and registration, visit www.startupgrind.com