21 May TRAINING, the "I Raccomandati" team wins the 2019 Business Tutors

A new concept of post office, which combines the normal shipping activities, revised in a modern and technological key, with a relaxation area where it is possible to spend time while waiting. It is the innovative winning project of the "Business Tutors" 2019, the traditional competition between the boys of the "Piero Baldesi" School of Business Sciences and Industrial Technologies in Florence, which sees students challenge each other in the creation of business plans for business ideas. Six teams competing, for a total of 50 students, who presented their entrepreneurial projects to an audience of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, created together with six companies. The first prize was awarded to the group "I Raccomandati", which conceived the "Post Office" project, supported by the "Postini Fiorentini" company. In addition to the prize of the technical jury, offered by KME Italy, in memory of Giuseppe Orlando, the group "I Consigliaati" also won the prize of the popular jury, called to assess the best exposure of the projects. Among the other entrepreneurial ideas in the competition, that of "HemPower", for the realization of a cosmetic line (face cream, body cream and oil) based on hemp, in an innovative packaging in hemp fiber; a project to simplify the hotel check-in and check-out processes, through a special smartphone application, which also allows the collection of room keys; a project for the reorganization and development of the Mercafir spaces, intended for citizens, with the composition of shops and educational gardens and, finally, a project for the production of men's clothes in eco-sustainable fabrics, and one dedicated to special chemical solutions for the nautical sector. "We are particularly proud of the work carried out by these guys, who every year propose increasingly interesting and innovative ideas," said the President of the School of Business Sciences and Industrial Technologies, Claudio Terrazzi - Our task is to provide them with the basics to prepare them at best to the world of work, for this we involve entrepreneurs, companies and professionals, able to provide a concrete and valuable support to the professional growth of each student. This is an aspect that allows the School to offer a training offer that is always consistent with the needs of businesses ".